Sunday, March 29, 2009

David Archuletta


We had so much fun!!! As we got there they just opened the doors and let me tell you the girls started screaming. WHATEVER!!! Are seats were not too bad. I was talking to one of the Security Guards and I asked him what time the concert ended and he said about 11:00 and I was surprised and he told me David would not be coming on until about 9:30 - there were two other acts first. They were not too bad. As we were walking Jarod found $3.00 and I asked him if he wanted to turn it in (trying to teach him options and what is right) he said he wanted to keep it but he would turn it in. As we were walking down to turn it into Guest Services some guy stopped us that was selling Ice Cream and said he had to give some away and asked if we wanted any, Jarod took some. We were talking and we said when you do the right think you get blessings. When we got to Guest Services I told them what was going on and Jarod said he wanted to turn the money in and they told him how wonderful they thought he was for doing the right thing and at the end of the night if no one claimed it he could have the money. Right before David came out the crowd started to chant David's name and it started getting loud and I did not think anything about it. Well when he came out - OH MY GOSH!!! it was sooooo loud. Jarod made it through the first song then sat on the steps (luckily we had the end of the row) and was plugging his ears. He then came back and sat back in his seat for the next couple of songs - I looked over and he looked miserable so we went out and got some earplugs for him and with that he made it through a few more songs. I decided if he was not having any fun it was not worth staying so I asked him if he wanted to leave and he said no - then a few minutes later he said it was just too loud for him and asked if we could go, and I told him we could. So we went back and no one claimed the money so Jarod was able to keep his $3.00. As we were leaving he said to me that he had fun with me at the concert. That made my night.