Saturday, January 30, 2010



This New Years Eve my dad, mom and sister came over and we had dinner and we played on the WII for hours. We got Toy Story for Christmas so we play ALL the games on it. FUN FUN FUN. About 11:30 we decided to watch one of the countdown shows - well we all made it to the New Year but not for long shortly after midnight we all went to bed. LOL LOL

I hope this year will be a good one for all of us.




Christmas was a great!!!

In the morning we got up and opened presents then went to Marks family and we were able to talk to Steven (on his mission in North Carolina). Spent some time with my family then came home and the kids were able to play with their toys. Mark, Jarod and Justin all got new nerf guns and they had a nerf gun battle throughout the house. It was nice to spend time with family. We are so grateful for this time of year and for us to be able to reflect on how the Lord has blessed us this past year. Hopefully the next year will just as great!!! LOVE YA




We left for WDW on Thursday Dec 3rd with me, Jarod, Justin, my mom, dad and sister. We stayed the first 2 nights at the Caribbean Beach then moved over to the Boardwalk when my 2 cousins and the ones family. Justin had his 7th birthday on Friday and was able to get a $67.00 gift card from Disney for his birthday gift. What a good birthday!!! It was not too cold or too warm it was in the 70's so not too bad, it did rain on the Friday we got there and the Friday before we left. Of course we hit all the fast rides - Jarod love them!!! That is good cause I do to. Jarod wanted to try Mission Space this year since he has not done it before - they have 2 sides a mellow side and a fast side well to start out we did the mellow side then later he wanted to try the fast side so just he and I went on it - well there is 4 to a side and the car is VERY VERY tight well it took a little bit to get the ride started and I almost started to have a panic attack cause like I said it is very tight. Jarod loved it. Overall it was a FABULOUS trip. Had good food, good rides, good rides and good company. Hopefully we can go again next year. LOVE YA




On Thanksgiving morning when we woke up Mark was not feeling well so we decided not to go to Thanksgiving with Marks family. He did not feel well to make the drive to Duchesne. My family was having a lunch but my sister had come down with Shingles and we did not want Mark around just in case she was contagious. So we ended up staying home. I have to say it was REALLY nice to just be with just us. We did miss family. Since we were not planning on being home we did not have anything prepared for lunch or dinner so we just made corndogs, fish sticks and taquitos, it was a good lunch. LOL. I posted this on Facebook and some nice people in our neighborhood read it and decided to bring us some of there Thanksgiving meal. It was really good and we were thankful for it. We are truly blessed for great family and friends. LOVE YA