Friday, February 20, 2009


O.K. the Dr.'s office called and said Jarod's tests all came back normal so now we are going to wait until next week when he has his well care visit and see what they say to do. We have not heard the "CLINK" with Justin but we are sure it has passed - Hopefully.

I have put on a couple of new pictures of us from our Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet - It was a cowboy theme. We had a great time.


Friday, February 13, 2009

POOP!!! Here we go again

OK a couple blogs ago I said not much has happened around here - well I will NEVER say that again.

As you know we had to get a stool sample for Jarod well Wednesday the Dr's office called and said that the lab ran the wrong test - AARGGGGGGG!!!! So we had to go to the Hospital and get another sample kit and wait for you know the yuck yuck - Friday he did his duty we collected and Mark took it to the Hospital and that was a chore in itself - he had to go to the lab and they made him go down to admitting then back to the lab so by the end of all this needless to say Mark was very tired. So we do not have an update on him.

On Thursday Justin was playing with his magnetics set and then sat down with Mark to watch some cartoons - I was working and then I heard a gag then some crying I jumped up and asked what happened and Justin told us he swallowed one of the metal balls!!!! That's my toad. I called the Dr.'s office and asked them do we just wait until it comes out the other end??? They said with a child of his age it is best to go and get an X-Ray - so we took off to the Insta-Care and waited for just over an hr. which at the time we were not happy with but it turned out to be a good thing cause by the time we got the X-Ray done the ball had passed through to the intestines and it is now on its way out!! The X-Ray is to the side so if you want to see what about $500.00 looks like, hopefully it won't be that much. So we now get to check out his movements to see if we can see the ball. FUN FOR US. It has been a pooper of a week - LOL LOL - Now that's funny.

Have a great Valentines


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


OH MY!!!! I was talking to a friend at work about facebook that I might sign up and she told me to, than at Church a friend suggested it so needless to say I signed up. It has only been a couple of days but I am hooked - I get on during my breaks and lunch. Then I talked to Mark and he decided to sign up now we are both on it all the time. That is when the kids are not around they are still my first priority. Come on and be my friend.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hello all,

I have not posted anything for awhile but not much has been going on here.

The last couple of weekends Jarod has been getting sick. He gets up Sunday Night / Monday Morning throwing up. We have asked him if it has something to do with school and he has said no, that he likes school. My mom said she got a letter in the mail saying a batch of her crackers she bought was infected with salmonella (hope that is spelled correctly) so after the 3 time of him doing this we called the doctor and told them what was going on and if this salmonella could have any lasting effects on the body and they are not too sure so they said to have him checked out. So far so good but they said they wanted to do a stool sample just to see if there is anything in his system. Well that was last Monday and I went to work on Wednesday and low and behold I get a phone call from Mark saying he finally had a bowl movement. LOL LOL LOL so Mark had to gather the sample and take it to the lab. Man did I pick a great day to go to work. We have not heard back from the labs so I will keep you all posted.