Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well if you have noticed I have done some back postings for history sake. We are doing well here.

If you have read any of my last few blogs you know Mark's health hit a down point. This year we were supposed to go to Yellowstone with Mark's family. Well about a couple of weeks prior to Mark going to the Hospital he asked me if I would feel bad if we did not go to Yellowstone cause he was not having good feelings about it. So we decided we would really think and pray about it, well a couple of weeks later he lands in the Hospital and then we knew we were not going to Yellowstone. When we got home from the Hospital we started looking into where the nearest Medical care would be and it was about 1 hr away. So needless to say we told his family we were not going to Yellowstone - BUMMER!!! but they all understood why we decided not to go. I write this because this is the week we would be in Yellowstone in fact we would just be getting home today. I am sad we were not able to go but I know we made the correct decision.

Well tonight I FINALLY got to mow my lawn - it has been about 3 weeks since the last time I did it. Every time I had time to mow it would rain - oh well. So my parents come out to help me with the lawn - THEY ARE THE BEST!!!! I am mowing and Jarod was riding his bike and he pulled up to the house and he did not look right and I asked him what was wrong and he said he did not know he had a pain in his upper back and it hurt so we took off his shirt and found out he got stung by a bee!!! Poor kid I felt bad for him. It did start to swell but we washed it and got some aloe vera on it and by the time he went to bed it was hardly red and you could just barely see the puncture point. Thank goodness. Grateful for the little things in life.




We left for LaJolla on Friday May 15th and I could not wait to RELAX. When we got there me, my mom and my sister Sheri we went and got a wonderful pedicure. A few years ago we found this cute little place up the street from where we stay and now it is a tradition to go and get pedicures the first day we get there so our toes look pretty for the ocean. We stay in a place just across the street from the cove in LaJolla, we have been staying in this place for many many years. My grandparents and parents found in when I was just little. WE LOVE IT!!!! We don't do anything really while we are there we mainly just relax, visit the ocean, seal beach, the pool and just go for walks. There are little shops just up the street that we shop in. This year there was a new candy store that we went to a couple of times, it had candy from when I was little, It was a fun place. Last year we found a mall and we decided to go again this year. While the girls were doing some shopping my dad took Jarod and Justin outside to this place for kids to play, well while he was sitting there his wallet fell out of his pants and he did not know it and he came back into the store to see if we were done, when we came back outside this guy came up to us and asked my dad if his name was Kent and he said yes well this guy said here you dropped your wallet. OH MAN!!! my dad sure was lucky that such an honest guy found it. It was a good lesson for the boys to see cause later that night Jarod came up to me and said "that guy sure was nice to give grandpa back his wallet."

It was a fast trip we came home on Tuesday the 19th, but we had a great time, I hate to leave once I am there. I can't wait to go back next year.


Flu / Fluke Family

O.K. so on May 12th I started not to feel so good and then the next morning I was not doing to much better but of course I had to go into work that day. I got to work at 7:00 by 8:00 I had drank almost 64 oz of water and was still thirsty and I was freezing, I had my jacket on and a blanket wrapped around me. I was shaking soooo bad Icould not take it anymore so I left work at 8:30 and went to the Insta Care. When I got in I had a fever of 103.3 and they said I had flu like symptoms, so they ran a strep test - can back negative then they did the flu test to make sure it was not the swine flu - OH MY OUCH!!! they take a long q-tip and shove it up your nose, I started to lean back cause it hurt and the nurse took the back of my head so I could not move and kept going - I could feel and hear my nose cracking as it kept going. After she took it out I just started crying cause I was upset - we are leaving for LaJolla in 2 days. Of course all those tests came out negative. So I went home and slept the rest of the day. My fever broke later that night and the next morning you guessed it I was just fine no fever no symptoms!!! So I have decided to label our family as the Fluke Family. Mark gets a blood clot and I get the flu - I have NEVER had the flu. So I guess that this a good thing that I did not have the flu.


ER / Hospital

Well as most of you already know (I am behind on blogging) Mark had a ER / Hospital visit on May 3rd. He woke up at about 5:15 a.m. and he was bleeding from him clave in his line. We called his nurse and she said to call 911 and get him to the ER but Mark said oh just take me then he stood up walked a couple of steps and decided calling 911 would be a good thing to do. I called them and got the kids ready to go and stay with my parents. While waiting for the ambulance Justin asked Mark if he was going to die and Jarod told him "HE IS DYING" in a very sarcastic tone. I had to tell them that Mark was not going to die, but in the back of my mind I was not too sure. This time for some reason it was unsettling to me.

Well we get to the ER and run every test and they said to Mark that he had a blood clot in his line and they need to try and get it to break free. Well I find this very amusing since THIS MAN'S BLOOD DOSE NOT CLOT!!! They took us up to the RICU (respiratory intensive care unit) and said we would more than likely stay the night and do surgery in the morning to replace his line if the clot would not break. So around 3:00 I decided to go home and get some stuff so Mark could spend the night since it was not looking good. Well I get home and just about to go back to the Hospital when Mark calls and says the clot broke. YEAH!!!! So I was able to go back and only have to spend a few more hours then I could take him home.

So far so good.