Monday, September 29, 2008

On Saturday night my parents and my sister had the kids for a sleep over. On Sunday morning Mark did not feel well enough to go to Church so I went by myself, I actually got to hear a talk!! When I came home we changed Mark's bandage on his line and it was sore and swollen so he paged the nurse and she said she would talk to the Dr. and let us know what they wanted us to do. When she called back she said we needed to go to the E.R. well as most of you know this is nothing new to us. The nurse told me she would call the charge nurse and give orders of what needed to be done. When we got there and got registered and into a room (IMC - HUGE we were in room 72) we were surprised that the E.R. now has T.V.'s in the rooms so that made it a little bit easier. After asking about 4 people to try and find the orders and 3 hrs later they could not get in touch with the nurse or Mark's Dr. so they let us go saying it was just an infection. I paged the nurse and when she called back and told her the story needless to say she was ticked. When we got home the nurse called back and said she called the Hospital (gave them a piece of her mind) and we needed to go back and get some cultures taken and when Mark got there to immediately take him back and take the cultures and not to re-admit him or charge us for the visit. When Mark got there they did exactly what they should have done the first time. Mark stopped and got the prescription - $42.00 bucks!!! after ins. So now we can add IMC E.R. to our list of E.R. we have visited. It seemed like a long day but we are doing well. We have not heard back on the results of the cultures but will keep you posted so check this blog or Marks in the next week for an update. Thanks for all your love, support and prayers in Mark's behalf. It really helps to keep you going. I know this was not a big deal but it always freaks me out a little cause you never now when this will be the big one that will end bad. I just thank the Lord everyday we do have even if it is in the E.R. LOL.


Sunday, September 28, 2008


I just can't believe that we are just about into October - how the time goes by.

On Saturday September 13th we went to Lagoon for my Company work party. We did not ride any of the rides this year cause even with the discount it was still way more than I wanted to spend for Lagoon so we just did all the free stuff that they offered. They had a kids corner and the kids loved it!!! They were able to get their face painted, tattoos, make visors and a frisbee. Hey don't forget the free FOOD. I told the kids if we do the free stuff at Lagoon then that means more money for Florida WDW!!!! We are getting excited for that we are at about a month and a half away.

The kids have been in soccer for the last few weeks and they are having fun with it. They have 3 more Saturday games then they will be done, so after that life may not be so hectic for us all. HAHA what am I thinking something else will come up - LIKE THE HOLIDAYS!!!!! The only thing that I am NOT excited about is the snow - I hate to drive in it. The kids have already been telling me what they want to be for Halloween - I should say the last month they have been. As of right now they both want to be Vampire Soccer Players....... we still have a month so that could change again. I will post some pictures of costumes after Halloween. Some of you may know that the last couple of years Mark has really gotten into decorating and dressing up for Halloween so it will be interesting to see what Mark will do this year. Last year he dressed up as the scream character and he did scare some kids and some of the neighborhood. Mark has started his own blog at (there is a link on this blog) so he may have already talked about this. Check his out for updates on his health.

I hope all is well with you.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Mark is going strong. He has started with the new insulin and it seems to be working out well, he is just trying to work out the bugs. He is starting up his own blog to keep you all updated on his progress, when it is up and going we will let you know the address.

Trisha - I went to LA on August 29th with my sister to the Pepsi Smash concert - WE HAD A BLAST!!!! On Friday we got in LA about 8:00 and a town car was waiting for us to take us to the hotel. After we checked in at the Century Plaza (NICE) we had a dinner with Pepsi. On Saturday we got up and went for a little walk to see Rodeo Drive! It was not as wonderful as I thought, it is in the middle of not the nicest part of town. I did find a purse and Niemen Marcus for only $1,195.00 - should have bought it - YEAH RIGHT!!!! Then we walked back to the Hotel and went to the Mall then walked to see the LA Temple - needless to say we were tired from all walking. That night we meet in the lobby with all the other winners (about 200 of us) and went to the concert. They told us we could not take cameras so I left mine at the Hotel and when we got there everyone else had cameras and were taking pictures (MAD) we were in the pit (standing room only) and we were right in front of the stage and I had no camera to take pictures so I did not get any pictures. Natasha did a great job and loved her performance - on the other hand when Fergie came out they turned up the volume and it was really loud. Her dancers were not the most modest I guess you could say, we stayed for about half then went out into the lobby until it was done. Then that Sunday came home.

Jarod & Justin - They are going back on track on Monday the 8th. They are ready to get back into the swing of things. They are loving Jujitsu and waiting for Soccer to start. Justin went to the eye doctor for the first time and his eyes are just fine - no need for glasses yet. Jarod broke his frames and luckily when we went back to costco the frames were under warranty so they just replaced his frames. Costco now knows Jarod cause we are in there about every other week getting his glasses adjusted. He is a boy!! They are growing like weeds - pants we bought for Jarod in March are already floods on him - it is good for Justin cause it has lots of hand me downs. They are enjoying that last bit of summer trying to get in as much bike riding and scooter riding as they can.

Talk to ya soon!!!