Sunday, November 1, 2009


This month we have had some fun with Halloween.

We had a party with some friends and had a great time. We all dressed up and had yummy soup and bread sticks and played games. We have great friends!!!

It was nice on the 30th I took the day off to go and see the kids parade at school. The kids went dressed in their Jiujitsu outfits (Gee / Gii ????) then went and did some Christmas shopping - YEAH almost done.

On Halloween we decorated outside to get ready for that night. We all dressed up - Mark was a wolf, I was a pirate and the boys were zombies.

Mark loves to try and scare the kids (only the older ones - he is not allowed to scare the younger ones). This year we have some chains that we put on each side of the swing and made loops in them for his hands and he would sit on the swing with his hands in the chains so he could only go so far. When the kids came up he would shake the chains, growl at them or jump up at them and since he could only go so far the chains would rattle. MAN IT WAS FUNNY!!!! It was fun to hear some of the things the kids would say - we heard one kid across the street say "we are going over to that house". LOL. We of course had the strobe light and fog machine going.

One set of kids came up and said look it is Jacob (from Twilight/New Moon) of course I had to explain to Mark what they meant since he is not a fan. We had some friends come over dressed as a dead bride and groom and I told them the story and said they could be Bella and Edward LOL LOL LOL. That is who is in the pictures with Mark.

I am glad Mark has such a great time at Halloween - he was tired that day so he did not go trick or treating with us so he could save his energy for scaring the kids. It is a great way to start off the Holiday Season.